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[12 Apr 2004|11:22am]
I've made a new journal: dorkiness_halo

It will be friends only so please please add it :-)
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Kittens [08 Apr 2004|10:29pm]
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[03 Apr 2004|01:07pm]
So my mom signed a contract yesterday with a realtor. How weird.

And even more weird... I don't know where I'm going to be living in June! hahaha.
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[27 Mar 2004|11:12am]
These are some pictures I took for my class. They had to be portraits. I messed with the lighting on some of them. I have to pick ONE. Let me know which one you like best... sorry for those that I sent an email tooo ;-)

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Poll #269438 Pictures

Which picture do you like best?

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[21 Mar 2004|10:41pm]
I am getting sick AGAIN... and I am just so frustrated over it. I feel like I just was sick.. because I basically was... and I don't understand what is going on with my body that I get sick every other month now.. I've been taking vitamins and everything. I think I might be a bit more stressed and overwhelmed than I realize...

Spring break flew by... I cannot believe it... I would love to redo the week all over again.

Back to going to bed at decent hours and waking up at 7 am! Goody!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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A 'Niki post' for Danna.. haha [17 Mar 2004|05:32pm]
Being a Victoria's Secret fanatic, I often wonder who exactly this Victoria is.. and what does she look like. Does she have big boobs? Does she wear her own products? Heck, she's probably not even alive anymore. And what exactly is her secret anyway? Maybe Victoria is a man!! Or maybe it's a man who runs it, and Victoria is his wife... Or ex girlfriend, or lover (I even thought daughter...but that's kinda sick)

Yes, maybe I have a tad bit too much time on my hands :-)
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[17 Mar 2004|11:42am]
When I was younger I used to draw pictures all the time, and my mom would fill her office with them. The walls were covered with my silly drawings... she never threw any of them away, we STILL have them.

I just thought of that and it made me smile..
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[17 Mar 2004|11:33am]
Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone :-)
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[16 Mar 2004|10:10am]
I went to the endocrinoligist yesterday... Everyone already in the waiting room was over 60, and everyone who came in after me was over 60, and I was sitting there thinking to myeslf 'what in the world is wrong with me.'

Anyway..after waiting an hour and a half.... the doctor finally came and he was the most impersonable, rude doctor ever... and I'm never going back there. Hello, I am sick, be nice to me... especially since I'm probably going to be charged $250 dollars for the cup of water I drank so he could 'feel the thyroid move.' And, he answered our questions like we were the stupidest people in the world, and got all pissy at me because the other doctor's office didn't give me the results of my thyroid scan.

I'm sorry, he may be great at what he does... but if I have to see someone on a regular basis, it's going to be someone I am comfortable with, and I'm not with him. So now we begin the search to find a new endocrinoligist.
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[13 Mar 2004|12:00pm]
Spring Break! I'm so happy...even though it's gonna fly by and I'll be back in school before I know it.

But the semester is half over, and the classes are all going really well. I've just been really busy lately. I've still been reading everyone's LJ though. I just haven't really had anything to post (still don't!).

50 First Dates is a really funny movie. Ten Second Tom... lol

I'm going to the Endocrinologist on Monday. I'm nervous/anxious to see what he is going to tell me. I picked up all my lab work yesterday, it's like a different language to me. haha... but at least I'm not gonna have to get more tests done (hopefully).

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good weekend :-)
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[09 Mar 2004|11:26pm]
Got A's on all my midterms!

Spring Break in 3 days!!
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[07 Mar 2004|12:37am]
I saw The Passion tonight, and all I could think of the whole time was wow, he did that for me.
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Pics for class [02 Mar 2004|01:08am]
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[29 Feb 2004|12:06am]

I got my cartilage pierced. Getting it done didn't hurt, but now...... oh man. Washing my hair has never been so torturous in my life.
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[25 Feb 2004|11:04pm]
What a day! I got soaked going into work, I had an umbrella and everything, but it was so windy, it broke...

(Oh and I thought it was funny that people were like "is it raining outside?" Nooooo, I have a sweating problem...........)

Tomorrow is my last midterm. I am so happy :-)

Sugar Cookies with sprinkles are yummy.
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[23 Feb 2004|11:04pm]
This is our 7 day weather forecast... look at the one for SATURDAY. That has to be a joke..... LOL....

*remember, I live in sunny South Florida
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haha [23 Feb 2004|08:20pm]

You're jealous.
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[23 Feb 2004|11:43am]
Darnit Joel!! I'm craving skittles now.

[23 Feb 2004|09:34am]
If you're bored like me on this wonderful Monday morning, go here

for a laugh.

Sorry more lyrics....haha [22 Feb 2004|11:03pm]
The whole new Sarah Mclachlan album is beautiful. I want to post all the lyrics....aaaah.

Every time I look at you the world just melts away
All my troubles all my fears dissolve in your affections
You've seen me at my weakest but you take me as I am
And when I fall you offer me a softer place to land

You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together
You're the one true thing I know I can believe in
You're all the things that I desire, you save me, you complete me
You're the one true thing I know I can believe

I get mad so easy but you give me room to breathe
No matter what I say or do 'cause you're to good to fight about it
Even when I have to push just to see how far you'll go
You wont stoop down to battle but you never turn to go

You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together
You're the one true thing I know I can believe in
You're all the things that I desire, you save me, you complete me
You're the one true thing I know I can believe

Your love is just the antidote when nothing else will cure me
There are times I cant decide when I cant tell up from down
You make me feel less crazy when otherwise I'd drown
But you pick me up and brush me off and tell me I'm OK
Sometimes thats just what we need to get us through the day
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